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Water Filters

If you’ve ever turned on the tap and wondered about the quality of the water coming out, you can be reasonably confident it’s been thoroughly tested before it reaches your tap, but is it good enough to drink? The statistics are all too alarming.

We can install or maintain

According to Ocean Crusaders, Australians purchase approximately 583 million bottles of water each year, and of these, they consume only 36. This translates to 373 million units thrown into the bin, and it also triggers a high need for home water filters in Melbourne.

Filtering the water at the tap is one way of removing the taste of additives.

Some chemicals (such as chlorine and fluoride) are added to your water in the treatment plant. There are ongoing discussions over potential health risks as a result of this. But the benefits of using the chemicals are still thought to outweigh any potential risk.


An in home Water Filter can remove the additives to ensure you are drinking water that is at its most optimum for your health.

By calling Waterworx today regarding installation of a Water Filter, you can be confident your family is drinking safe water, free from bacteria and other contaminants.


No more unfiltered, unsafe water in your home! 

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