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Leak Detection

Detecting water leaks in hidden pipes, behind your bathroom wall can be difficult and costly.


Moreover, foul odors, arising from broken sewer pipes is injurious to your health. All you need is a Waterworx OnCall professional leak detector.


No leak too big or small 


Waterworx OnCall leak detection ensure the following services:

  • Locate leaking pipes, avoiding any unnecessary demolition

  • Pipe Repairs

  • Copper repipes

  • Location and repair of Loud pipes

  • Solve water pressure problems

  • Gas leak location


Our Leak Detection specialists are experts in:

  • Water & Gas leak detection

  • Acoustic leak detection

  • Digital camera leak detection

  • Infrared leak detection

  • Tracer gas detection

We are specialised in identifying the hidden leaks by using modern equipment. As we are constantly upgrading to the latest technology, we are equipped with the modern equipment in finding, isolating and repairing leaks. 

Call us on 1300 442 376

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