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Roof Leak Detection

Our team are specially trained in detecting roof leaks, through thorough testing and examination we find and rectify the leak for a fair price.

If our findings involve a more in-depth solution we will provide a detailed quotation for your consideration.

We find the leak that others can't!

We can assist with:

Locate leaking pipes, avoiding any unnecessary demolition

• Pipe Repairs

• Copper re-pipes

• Location and repair of loud pipes
• Solve water pressure problems
• Gas leak location
• Gutter leaks- remove and install new gutters if required or repair portion of damaged gutter.

If we had a dollar for the amount of customers that say "you're the third plumber I have called", we would own an island in the South Pacific. However, we prefer to continue to help and solve issues our customers are faced with.

Make us your first call as we ensure the leak is found, repaired and doesn't bother you again.

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