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Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can cause a major headache. They can cause serious damage to property through water damage, and cause mould and mildew to grow which are difficult to get rid of and are harmful to health. Storm drains are also susceptible to blockages, especially after heavy rains.


If you suspect a blocked drain, contact Waterworx OnCall for fast and reliable service.

Blocked Drains? 

If you’re experiencing any of these issues you may have a blocked drain:

• Gurgling noises
• Shower or bath slow to drain water
• Toilet water levels too high or too low
• Unpleasant smells
• Wastewater coming up through drains in sink
• Exposed raw sewerage located on the property.

Blocked drains can cause all the above symptoms, as well as major damage if left unattended.

Waterworx OnCall carries out CCTV surveys on pipelines, providing a USB of the information along with a written report with the findings.

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Blockage location

Blockages can be caused by:

• Tree roots
• Broken pipes underground
• Foreign objects being flushed (we have been known to rescue children's toys from being flushed).
• Hair blockages
• Mineral build up
• Toilet Paper flushable wipes


All are potential reasons for a blockage which is why we perform CCTV to investigate the cause.

The cameras used by our expert staff are fitted with transmitters that enable accurate location of the conduit.


Once the blockage is located the item blocking the pipework can be removed using a high power jet, or our plumbers will discuss replacement of any broken pipework and submit quotation for rectification works.

When you book a plumbing expert by calling us on 1300 442, you are taken care of by professionals.


You are given the video footage of the suspected blockage alongside a detailed quotation.

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